gta 5

Grand Theft Auto V is now complete! The storyline missions that is. I do still have a bunch of side missions that I have yet to check out. I have played just about every GTA there is minus The Ballad of Gay Tony expansion. I must say that this is the most in depth Grand Theft Auto to date. That saying, I am unsure if it is my favorite to date. I did enjoy GTA IV quite well. However, four did not have the option to switch between three completely different protagonists. Now that’s cool. I’m sure the GTA fan base grew tiresome of controlling one character for every game.

Franklin Clinton, Michael Townley/De Santa and Trevor Phillips. These are the three knuckleheads. Franklin is an alright young man. A former gang banger looking to turn his life around. Michael is a father and former bank robber who is trying to live the “American Dream” by putting his criminal past in the shadows. Trevor is Micheal’s old friend and business associate. Trevor is basically a lunatic who cannot be controlled. Out of the three, my favorite is Michael. His family is dysfunctional but he tries to patch things up the best way he can. All in all, I would rate the game a B.

I was a bit surprised that there was only one island/section to the game. I am used to having three sections on the map. Yet, it’s not a big deal because Los Santos is large enough. I really enjoyed the selection of radios stations; The variety of music hit the spot. Property buying is cool. Some of the heists were a pain but necessary to complete the storyline. All of the mini missions to set up a heist would burn me out at times. I plan on replaying it sometime to complete it 100% and to see how my choices effect the game play.


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