jones vs cormier


This bout has been highly anticipated for awhile now. UFC 182 had a lot of lackluster fights leading up to the main event. Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier sure know how to put on a show. What a fight. This was probably one of the best UFC fights I have ever seen. Both guys fought like it was the last thing they’d ever do. I wanted Cormier to win and had him winning up until round 4. Jones stated taking over with those couple take downs he scored.

On their feet, Cormier was impressive. Many critics were saying Jones’ reach will be a major factor. Granted Jones wasn’t standing tall, he was bending his head so the height difference was not drastic. From what I saw, Daniel was holding his own very well. Jon Jones retains his light heavyweight crown in disrespectful fashion. Come on Jones, be a class act and give props to the man who gave you one of your hardest fights to date. I would like to see a rematch in the future if possible.


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