The big fight was last night and boy were there fireworks. Actually, I take that back, there were no fireworks. I did pick Floyd to win the fight on points and that is what went down. Manny did what he does by being all over the place and throwing his flurries but Floyd had an answer for everything.

Mayweather looked poised the entire bout whereas Pacquiao did get visibly frustrated at times. I would agree with the first two judges with a 116-112 scorecard; the 118-110 may have been a stretch. Either way, Mayweather wins comfortably and rides off into the sunset. Would I like to see a rematch? No. The same exact thing would happen. I mean I would watch it but I just believe Floyd would do the same thing. Manny did a good job but couldn’t figure out the infamous defense.

As far as where the two go from here, Floyd wants to fight in September and call it a career. The question is who? Maybe he will move up in weight and take on an opponent from 154-160lbs. Pacquiao I believe will keep fighting. He could also move up in weight and capture a title in the higher weight divisions.



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