ufc 100 greatest fights dvd


I picked this DVD set up about a month ago and am not the least bit disappointed. There is about 7 discs with near 8 fights on each disc. I am a fan of the UFC as well as other promotions like Pride. Here are some of my favorite fights from the dvd.

  • BJ Penn vs Calo Uno (UFC 41): This was just a war of attrition. Penn ended up taking the fight.
  • Shonie Carter vs. Matt Serra (UFC 31): This fight was incredible. It had everything from stand up to the ground.
  • Royce Gracie vs. Kimo Leopoldo (UFC 3): Who could forget this old school battle?
  • Randy Couture vs. Chuck Liddell (UFC 43): Everyone counted Randy out, but Couture put the hurtin’ on the Iceman.
  • Forrest Griffin vs. Quentin Jackson (UFC 86): I actually thought Rampage won..
  • Wanderlei Silva Vs Chuck Liddell (UFC 79): An awesome bout between rivals finally goes down.

Here are some fights that were not on the DVD that I wish were.

  • Ken Shamrock vs Tito Ortiz (UFC 40): This fight was the pinnacle fight that set the UFC up for success from here on.
  • Ken Shamrock vs Kimo Leopoldo (UFC 48): A rematch from UFC 8 and Shamrock’s do or die fight that he ends in a devastating knockout victory.

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