entourage movie


I caught Entourage the movie this weekend. I heard mixed reviews on the radio and was a bit hesitant to go see it. Regardless, I knew I would eventually give in. The series was a big hit and I was a big fan, so it’s a must see. All the guys were in it; Eric, Vince, Drama, Turtle and Ari. The only one who looked older was Eric “E” (Kevin Connolly). Everyone else didn’t see to age as much. I must Say, Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) looked great. He is slimmed down and a changed man physically. Ari was his same self by being methodical and trying to be a family man amongst the madness. Love him or hate him, Ari Gold makes things happen period. Jeremy Piven has done a great job over the years portraying an aggressive agent.

E is still seeing Sloan and trying to balance this relationship with having a life of his own? That’s what I took from it. He has an awkward encounter with a few women he had relations with, funny. Drama is still hanging on to past glory, Viking Quest. Drama is the loveable loser that you can’t help but cheer for. In the end, Drama is awarded an achievement from his scene in Vince’s new film.

Turtle as I mentioned has lost weight. He started his own line of tequila, if I’m not mistaken. He also has the hots for female mixed martial arts ace Ronda Rousey. Vince seemed to be a bit more mature than in his past. This film was supposedly his best yet. I enjoyed the movie and believe hardcore Entourage fans will. The casual fan may not pick up on the side characters and jokes within the series. Thumbs up.


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