everything must go


I finished this movie last night before calling it quits for the evening. Will Ferrell stars as Nick Halsey, a salesman who has been laid off after 16 years with the company. From the start, you see that Nick has a clear drinking problem. Throughout the film, he is seen with a beer in his hand. I believe in one scene, he is taking a shower while consuming one. He is kicked out of his home by his wife Kathryn along with all of his belongings. All of his stuff is on the front lawn and Nick still stays on the property.

He eventually cleans up his act by meeting a few neighbors and conversing with them. He sells his items with the help of a neighborhood boy. At first, Nick takes advantage of the boys naiveness. Not too much longer, the boy gets the selling bug and is selling things left and right. I can see why his wife left him, he is kind of a jerk. Nick visits an old high school friend, Laura Dern as Delilah. Nick learns that she has two little daughters without the father in the picture. I thought the movie was just okay. The reason I picked it up was because it stars Will Ferrell.


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