kimbo vs shamrock

Kimbo Slice versus Ken Shamrock? Yes, this took place last Friday on Spike TV. The two were originally supposed to meet back in 2008 for the now defunct EliteXC promotion. Leading up to the bout, I was skeptical about the fight, wondering if I should tune in. As the date grow closer, I got excited. I like both guys and would be happy whoever got the win. However, I would have loved if Shamrock got the victory but as we now know, he did not. For being 51 years of age, Ken looked in great physical condition. He mentioned he was working out hard for this one.

Kimbo, being the younger man, did not look that cut. Then again, he was about 30 pounds heavier than Shamrock. Ken took down Kimbo twice in the first round. The second time, he sunk in a good rear naked choke but Kimbo refused to submit. The two got back to their feet and Kimbo threw some hard shots and Shamrock went down. End of fight. Kimbo says he is here to stay and wants to continue fighting. As for Shamrock, you never know. He doesn’t need to fight anymore. I personally thought his last good fight was at UFC 48 in 2004 with a rematch against Kimo.


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