pride fc dvd’s


Pride Fighting Championship was a great organization. I bought a few dvd’s to rewatch some of the classics. The first one I watched was Pride Grand Prix 2000 and the second Pride 19: Bad Blood. The grand prix was a series of bouts and whoever won moved up and eventually there would be two fighters remaining. Basically, a tournament. The winner gets a large cash prize and I believe a prestigious trophy. Mark Coleman ended up being the winner. He fought three times and one the his fights was against Kazuyuki Fujita. Fujita’s corner threw in the towel immediately when they noticed his knee gave out. An easy win for Coleman. The bout between Royce Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba was one of the longest fights I have ever seen. Some say it was boring but I didn’t mind the length. Gracie was winning the fight up until midway through and Sakuraba took over. Royce was unable to continue. The super fight between Ken Shamrock and Alexander Otsuka was probably my favorite of the entire event. This was Shamrock’s return fight coming back from the WWE. Otsuka gave a spirited effort but Ken dominated and won via knockout.


Pride 19 featured the anticipated bout between Ken Shamrock and Don Frye. Frye said some not so nice things about Shamrock’s personal life and Ken did not take it too lightly. Frye mentioned the only reason he did this is so Ken would fight him. The two met in one of my favorite mixed martial arts fights of all time. For three rounds, the two battered each other to no end. Shamrock caught Don in his famous leg locks for what seemed to be forever. Frye went to work on Ken’s body early and dropped him with a heavy punch. In the end, Don Frye was awarded the split decision victory. Great fight. The other fights on the card were good too. Including Carlos Newton against Jose Landi-Jons, Wanderlei Silva versus Kiyoshi Tamura and A. Nogueira against Enson Inoue.


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