straight outta compton

I had a night at the movies on Sunday; the flick of the evening was Straight Outta Compton. I am a fan of N.W.A. and couldn’t wait to catch their story on the big screen! It was cool knowing that Ice Cube’s son, O’Shea Jackson Jr, played his father. I mean, the two look quite similar, it only makes sense. I actually thought Eazy-E’s son, Eric Wright Jr. (Lil Eazy-E) played his dad but it was Jason Mitchell, who did a great job.

Each member had their own skill that made the group work so well. Ice Cube wrote many of the lyrics, Dr Dre produced the hits, DJ Yella also produced along with Dre, MC Ren was the one who could flow and Eazy was the real gangsta of the group. Eazy had that distinct voice that I always found real unique, unlike any other. I didn’t expect the movie to have Suge Knight and Tupac make cameos. Well, Suge was more in movie than Pac. Suge sure was an intimidating figure. Although, Eazy and Dre did not take much crap from big Suge.

Ice Cube left the group due to the manager Jerry Heller and Eazy having control of the group. Heller was doing his part by controlling the paperwork and business side of things but did go a littler far. Eazy bought into his promises and smooth talk but eventually realized the group was more important. Unfortunately just as N.W.A. was getting back together, Eazy got HIV and later died. A real sad time in the rap game. The movie is just under two hours and thirty minutes. I loved it and believe any rap music fan would appreciate N.W.A.’s mark in rap history.


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