hitman book


Bret “Hitman” Hart has been an icon in the wrestling business even to this day. I finished his book today and did enjoy it. For the most part, it kept my attention for the duration of the reading. Some parts I did not understand were his early days in his father Stu’s Stampede Wrestling for the fact that I did not know much about Stampede Wrestling. It was interesting learning about the infamous Hart dungeon; The basement where many wrestlers got their start. Not to mention bleed, sweat and got bruised for their efforts. Stu Hart was a great mentor and father but he would be intimidating to meet!

When Bret started working for the WWF was when I took great interest. The Hart Foundation was a cool name and stable in the industry. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart was quite the character as Bret told stories about him. Davey Boy Smith, better know to fan as the British Bulldog died way too young at I believe 39 years old. Davey Boy had a dangerous addiction to drugs, much like many wrestlers in that era. Mr. Perfect (Curt Hennig) also went way too early. Bret Hart mentioned Curt was one of his best buddies and favorites to work with. Some of Bret’s other favorites were Roddy Piper, Chris Benoit, Andre The Giant, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock, Brian Pillman, Rick Rude and more. Some wrestlers he was not too fond of were Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Scott Hall, Dean Malenko, Hulk Hogan and a few more. He had a weird relationship with Vince McMahon. Vince being the big man on campus, he did his best to look out for Bret’s career and the business.

I admit that the Hitman was a bit too serious and stubborn with his role. The Montreal Screwjob was over the line. Vince could of thought of some other way to have the title change hands. Bret’s time in WCW was horrendous at best. The tales he told of how disorganized the company was was mind numbing. Steve Austin even warned Bret about how things really were at World Championship Wrestling. Owen’s death took a great deal out of Bret. I won’t go too much into it. This book was a good read and believe any wrestling fan would appreciate it.


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