i love bowling?

The title of this post suggests that I love the sport of bowling. The question mark is the only thing stopping this from being true or not. Well, lately, I have been hitting the lanes much more than I ever have in my life. There definitely is something about the allure of the whole experience; the shoes, the ball and the scoring.

The shoes used to bother me when I was a younger lad but now, not so much. I have always used a house ball but do understand the appreciation of owning a bowling ball. The scoring I haven’t fully gotten down just yet but one day will.

Recently, I scored my highest game ever, a 200. Being a straight bowler with no curve, I think that’s pretty good! Wednesday nights are nights my buddies and I are in a league. The league is a beer league mainly for fun. So, I’ve come to the conclusion that yes, I’m in love with bowling. Enjoy this clip from you know what!


One thought on “i love bowling?

  1. HI, JD. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking a post. Yours on bowling struck a chord with me. I am an old bowler. Old in age. I don’t bowl any more because I have arthritis at the base of each thumb so it is impossible for me to even hold the ball any more. (BTW, it also precludes me from for other former beloved sport of tennis for the same reason. I can’t stand the pain of hitting the ball). Anyway, I loved bowling for years and won many trophies and lots of money doing it back in the ’50s and ’60s when it was a bit of a craze in the U.S. I averaged close to 200 when I was in high school and bowled on the Manhattan College team in 1957 and ’58. The game was very sensuous for me. I can still hear the pins crashing against the sideboards and smell the surface of the alleys and smell the smoke too. I know they are antiseptically called ‘lanes’ not alleys, but those were the days. I spotted pins as a kid to earn money to bowl. lol Were you aware that before the machines took over, there were actual pinboys that set the pins up after each frame? Nice post. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Much appreciated.

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