tales from the crypt season 2

Ah, Tales from The Crypt. One word, nostalgia..or scary. Yes, to this day, the crypt keeper is still a frightening fella. Season two was put out in 1990, so I was 3 years old at the time. I just about finished this season on DVD. Here are my thoughts on some episodes that grabbed my attention.

Episode 1- Dead Right

Hey it’s Demi Moore! Pretty cool. Demi plays a gold digger who marries a slob in an attempt to get rich. Unfortunately, the psychic reader was wrong or played her.

Episode 2- The Switch

Man this one gave me the creeps. A fun little side note is that Arnold Schwarzenegger was the director; He even makes a cameo in the introduction! This was another gold digger tale as a young lady was also interested in looks. An elderly man makes every attempt to woo his female love interest. He trades every body part with a much younger man but is too late as the young lady decided to switch up partners. The ending is a mind blow.

Episode 3- Three’s A Crowd

This one is kind of slow moving but the ending makes up for it. A couple are invited to a cabin by their best man from their wedding. The husband believes his wife is having an affair. His wife and best man are always seen together being secretive throughout the episode. His emotions run wild and ends up killing his wife and best man. Now, the twist. As the husband is dragging his wife to another cabin, he opens the door to a surprise party full of family and friends. We learn that the secret was that she was pregnant and wanted it to be a surprise. The husband murdered his wife, their fetus and best friend/man.

Episode 10- The Ventriloquist’s Dummy

This episode stars two famous cats, Bobcat Goldthwait and Don Rickles. Bobcat plays a young ventriloquist seeking advice from his hero, Rickles. The viewer learns that Don Rickle’s character hears voices in his head, sort of an alter-ego named Morty. Morty is real and is living on his right hand.



2 thoughts on “tales from the crypt season 2

  1. Although I am a huge mystery fan, I loved Tales from the Crypt. For me the shows were more fun than scary. I was excited to learn that TNT plans on bringing the show back. However, I was saddened to learn that they will not be able to use the Crypt Keeper because HBO owns the rights to the character.

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