major league II

Major League Baseball, MLB for short of course. Wait a minute, I’m talking about make believe MLB here, hence Major League II. I picked this flick up a few days ago and sure glad I did; nostalgia is a great feeling. Much of the cast from the original is in this sequel which is always nice.

Ricky Vaughn takes on a clean-cut image this time around. From the start, you can tell he isn’t himself. The wild thing is mainly doing this for a good looking broad who works as a public relations rep. Cleaning up Vaughn’s image will apparently make him a better player? Nah, in fact, he lost some steam on his go to pitch, the terminator. The team suffers as well because of this alter-ego Ricky becomes.

Willie Mays Hayes is anything short of funny. He stars in a movie as “Black Hammer” along Jessie “The Body” Ventura as “White Lightning”. The trailer shown was your typical cheesy 80/90’s action flick. Classic.

The new veteran all-star on the team is Jack Parkman. He acts as if he is bigger than baseball himself. There is always a guy like that on every sports team it seems. he soon gets traded to the Chicago White Sox due to the Indians needing loot. In the end, Ricky Vaughn turns back to his much loved old self as the wild thing and strikes out Parkman. I loved it.



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