bellator 149

Bellator is a rather new Mixed Martial Arts promotion that has been on the scene since 2008. Last night was Bellator 149 which showcased two bouts I was interested in. The two bouts were Kimbo Slice versus Dada 5000 and Ken Shamrock versus Royce Gracie. It was also cool to see Melvin Guillard, haven’t seen him since the UFC. I have to say this, Kimbo vs Dada was probably the worst fight I have ever seen. The two were winded in about one minute. I will say that Dada does have a chin and was taking some leather from Kimbo. Kimbo scored a few sloppy take downs to add to his effort. In the end, Dada was too punch-drunk to continue on and Kimbo received the TKO victory in round 3.

Now, a battle of the two pioneers of the sport; Shamrock and Gracie. The bout started out cautious with Gracie throwing some kicks and Shamrock trying to cut the ring off. The two get into a clinch and are exchanging knees. Gracie does hit Shamrock low with a knee and Ken has a delayed reaction. Gracie then takes him down and hammers down punches. This results in a TKO victory for Royce Gracie. While watching the replay, Royce clearly knees Ken between the legs. It is unfortunate the fight ended in controversy like this. These two came from the old school days of no holds barred but that kind of blow should not be tolerated today. The referee should of seen this and warned Gracie.







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