the room review

I was at a friends house and he asked me if I’d ever seen a movie called The Room. As he asked this, he chuckled a bit. I said no, why? He said we’re watching it. The Room is about a bizarre love situation that is quite odd to say the least. The film stars Tommy Wiseau as Johnny, Greg Sestero as Mark and Juliette Danielle as Lisa.

Lisa is somewhat of a vixen as she has three men in the palm of her hand. However, she acts as if she is the victim. Johnny and Lisa are supposedly getting married but never do in the length of the movie. There a number of inconsistencies throughout the movie that leaves the viewer scratching their head. I know I did. Inconsistencies like no introduction to characters, when one scene ends and another begins, subplots, etc.

I couldn’t help but notice how the characters talk. Johnny barely moved his mouth when talking. He also had this nonchalant laugh that is heard constantly. This movie could be one of the most cringe-worthy things I have ever seen. With that said, I did laugh a lot while watching this disaster.



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