The first time I started skateboarding seriously was when I was 14 years old; I was a freshman in high school. I learned quickly that I was too small physically to play high school sports. I was a good athlete, just did not have the body. In reality, I didn’t hit my growth spurt until I was a junior. Anyway, I decided to take up skateboarding. I can say I fell in love with it as soon as I stepped on my board. The challenge of learning something completely new and succeeding is a high no drug can give you.

The key to landing the kickflips, heelflips, boardslides, etc is patience. Skateboarding takes a ton of patience. The saying good things come to those who wait is the truth here. The fashion associated with the skate world is in a league of it’s own. Company’s such as Vans, DC Shoes, Etnies, and more provide quality footwear and clothing to help with looking the part and to land your next trick.

Being 29 years old now, I still skate. Although, not as young from when I started but still can get the job done. The reason I still do is basically because it is fun! And that is what it’s all about. Below is a clip of one of my favorite pros Ed Templeton doing his thing.




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