ufc 200 review

UFC 200 was last night and what was coined to be “the best UFC card ever”, turned out to be less. Nearly every fight listed on the event was a main event fight on paper. I’m not faulting anybody by the way, sometimes it just goes that way. Here is the list of fights last night.

Julianna Pena defeats Cat Zingano. First off, I don’t know what the judges were watching because I believe Zingano won that fight. Cat threw Pena around like a rag doll from what I saw.

Cain Velasquez defeats Travis Browne. Cain looked strong and finishes Browne by TKO. Travis Browne may have been out of his element against a fighter like Velasquez.

Jose Aldo defeats Frankie Edgar. I picked Aldo to win and that is how the story went. Both men had their moments in the fight but Jose was in control the whole fight. Aldo can eventually get another fight with McGregor. Frankie is still a top contender in the lightweight and featherweight divisions.

Daniel Cormier defeats Anderson Silva. This was intended to be a rematch between Cormier and Jones but Jon Jones cannot get his act together. Anderson Silva takes the fight on two days notice, crazy. Cormier wins this fight easy and can say he beat Anderson Silva, which not many can say. However, Silva was under weight at 198 lbs as Cormier was at 205 lbs.

Brock Lesnar defeats Mark Hunt. Did this fight live up to all the hype? Not at all. I have to admit, I got butterflies watching this one. After the first round, my excitement went out the window. Both men were pretty cautious of one another.Brock gets a few take downs and Hunt lands a few strikes. I was more impressed with Mark Hunt defending Lesnar’s offense. Brock did fine for a two-sport guy and wins a lackluster decision.

Amanda Nunes defeats Miesha Tate. This one ended rather quick and exciting. Nunes comes out blazing and shook Tate. Tate regains her composure for the moment but Nunes proves to be too much. Amanda Nunes finishes Miesha Tate by strikes and becomes the new women’s UFC champion.




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