diaz vs mcgregor II

The fight game has had many great feuds since the beginning. I will not name any of them because that is a post of it’s own. The feud hot on the streets is Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor. Sure, the rematch happened last week at UFC 202 and I’d like to reflect on it. Their first encounter was at 170lbs (Nate Diaz won by submission) and so was this one.

Diaz was the favorite in the second time around and I could only agree. Many have speculated that McGregor cannot fight into the later rounds and he proved the critics wrong. He looked more focused, more humble and fought smart. I am not a big McGregor fan by the way, I am just giving credit where it is due. I believe the leg kicks he repeatedly landed and fighting smart by not going to the ground when he dropped Nate a few times was key. This fight could of went either way in my opinion, it was that close.

Nate was tagging McGregor pretty good against the cage as well as took him down and controlled him. I think the two knockdowns won Conor the fight. I am looking forward to the trilogy whenever it happens.

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