unhappily ever after series review

Alright, Unhappily Ever After, who remembers this series? Anyone? I did. The series ran from 1995-1999 on the WB network. The show starred Nikki Cox, Justin Berfield, Geoff Pierson, Stephanie Hodge and Kevin Connolly. Many of the younger cast went off to have successful careers in the long run after this series. For example, Kevin Connolly with Entourage, Nikki Cox with various roles, Justin Berfield with Malcolm in The Middle.

Many say that this show was a ripoff of Married With Children. I wouldn’t say it was a complete copy of Married, but it was quite similar. Although, I must say, Jack Malloy had a much better job as a used car salesman than Al Bundy as a woman’s shoe salesman. Jack’s wife, Jennie was much more bitter than Peg Bundy. At least Peggy would support Al from time to time. Jennie did nothing but be a grim reaper to everyone in the family. Nikki Cox was good looking. Whenever she would enter the room, the studio audience would erupt, every time! Funny. I couldn’t believe how skinny she was, man, her diet must of been nothing.

Who could forget Mr. Floppy, voiced by Bobcat Goldthwait. Floppy was a blunt bunny and never held back. It did take some getting used to the fact that Jack was literally speaking to a doll, weird. Anyway, Floppy was a good part of the wacky series. The show often would make fun of popular culture and break the fourth wall. Ross was the running gag of the series as a character. Ross would disappear for a good amount of episodes and then reappear. Ryan was a happy kid but not too bright. A loveable loser.

I still think to this date, Unhappily Ever After has one of the coolest opening themes. “Hit the Road Jack” with the whole cast singing and dancing. A few of my favorite episodes would be Don Juan De Van Nuys from season 1 and The Agony of Victory from season 2.

4 thoughts on “unhappily ever after series review

  1. Hi, JD. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking something. Must plead ignorance on the two series you have written about. I do love Modern Family which has proven to be a home for Al Bundy. I agree with you about the theme song. I played the vid and liked it. May interest you to know that I saw Helen Reddy perform it live in Las Vegas back in the 60’s or 70’s. She did a great job on it. She got the Las Vegas gig after her woman’s anthem – “I am woman.” Another great song. Check it out if it is before your time.

    1. Tony, I haven’t seen much of Modern Family, but heard good things. Ed O’Neill is a great actor, as I am a big fan of Married With Children. That is cool that you seen “Hit The Road Jack” live; a catchy tune. Unhappily Ever After was much compared to Married With Children because Ron Leavitt created both. I don’t think Unhappily is out on DVD or even in the works. It was okay. The funniest thing about the series was that they often broke the fourth wall & made a mockery of Hollywood at the time.

  2. I loved that series. Every so often Ross would come home from school and immediately launch into an extended rant, and when he finished the audience would cheer. Out for dinner, mom and dad lied to Ryan that a woman was flirting with him to get him to go talk to her, just to see him get beaten up, repeatedly. When they tried it with Ross, he just looked up and said, “Bite me!” Yes, a take on Married… with Children, but sharper. By the way, Bobcat was in Married, too, as “Seven’s” father — the only episode in which Al actually stepped up and drew an “Aww!” From the audience. Memorable series, both.

    1. Hey Bobbin, thanks for your sharp feedback. Yeah, Ross was the lost character but seemed much brighter than his family. Bobcat was in an episode from Tales From the Crypt if I remember correctly. Unhappily made light of Hollywood by throwing wise cracks left and right, funny.

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