gta iv: the ballad of gay tony

Grand Theft Auto has put out some cool side games/expansions to the main ones; hence The Ballad of Gay Tony. Number four has two expansions: The Lost & Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. I did complete  The Lost & Damned some time ago on Playstation 2 and enjoyed the game. I wanted to replay GTA IV and bought the all-in-one bundle with the two episodes from Liberty City included, can’t beat it.

I originally thought you would play as Anthony “Gay Tony” Prince. Instead, the protagonist is Luis Fernando Lopez. Luis is Tony’s business partner or more reasonably, bodyguard. Tony owns two successful gay and straight nightclubs in Liberty City. Luis is usually caught in the middle of Tony’s dealings and always seems to get him out of bad situations. Gay Tony is really not a bad guy, he just doesn’t make the smartest choices. Then again, he does have to act fast due the fact his clubs are in jeopardy of shutting down. We see characters from GTA IV including Brucie, Niko, Roman, Packie, as well as many new characters. Brucie’s brother, Mori, is just like him!

I personally loved the game. I enjoyed this more than The Lost & Damned. The side missions were cool like managing the Maisonette 9, base jumping, drug wars and LC cage fighting. Hanging out with your friends did not change. I thought Luis as a main character was okay. He was a bit stubborn and irritable at times but did the job. Great expansion to the main one, would play it again. Keep it up Rockstar Games!


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